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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) –  Use OneLaunch’s On-page SEO Tools to Optimize Your Website

“SEO? What’s that?”, we hear many clients ask. SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization – referring to how your website is found in search engines on the web (the big one being Google).

Search engines send out bots to scan website content which is one aspect of SEO that defines how your site appears and ranks in search. So if you own a bakery, you want the search engine bots to know your business is a bakery. One way to do this is to use the word “bakery” in your content. That’s it! You’re now going to rank first in Google! Not so fast, there are several elements to SEO and whole companies created to strategize and implement SEO – it’s a living breathing thing. Not to mention your competitors, who are competing for the top spot as well. But keywording your site correctly is a great start!

Easily Add Custom Titles, Meta Descriptions, and Keywords with OneLaunch’s On-page SEO

You can optimize your individual pages with custom titles, meta descriptions, and keywords by filling out the fields using the on-page SEO module. You’ll see a green bar underneath the field when your character amount is ideal.


What are custom titles?

The blue link in Google search is your page/post title. You can customize this title for better optimization with the “SEO Title” field. Specifically, you’ll want to have your “Focus Keyword” in the title – the keyword you want your page/post to rank for.


What’s meta description?

Simply put, the meta description is your page description that shows up in search. So if we search for in Google, this is what you’ll get.

The title linked in blue and the meta description below. (Notice “online shopping” is used in both the title and meta description).


What is a keyword?

A keyword is the word relevant to your content and what people will be entering into search engines. If someone is looking for a bakery, they might enter “bagels” or “bagel shop”. Just enter one keyword that’s the focus of your content.



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